3D Measurement Technology: Nuclear Fusion

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API laser trackers are used in nuclear research centers in the construction of nuclear fusion reactors for assembly and geometric control tasks. In addition, API laser measurement technology and measuring systems support the construction and … Read More

How Do SMRs Work?

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So much emphasis has been placed on tracker accuracies, and the capabilities of the probes and scanners that pair with them. There is an often-overlooked component of tracker operation and measurement: Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMRs).

Tracking the Automotive Industry Real-Time

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Tracking the Automotive Industry Real-Time The Automotive industry is the second-largest market for Laser Trackers after the Aerospace industry. The Laser Tracker has become a critical measuring technology utilized both during the introduction of new … Read More

Employee Profile: Joe Bioty

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It’s pre-dawn in upstate New York. A 10-year-old boy rolls out of bed to begin his day. But he’s not getting ready for school, not yet. Instead, he’s walking over to the farm next door. … Read More

Employee Profile: Natalia Pirro

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Name:   Natália Pirro     Position: General Manager, South America     Years with the company: 7 years What was your childhood like? I have so many memories of me and my cousins playing at Grandma’s house. There were … Read More