Laser Tracker Targets

Maximize laser tracker productivity with hand held and automated tracker targets.



API's break resistant Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are constructed with a one piece optic eliminating risks associated with glass panels shifting, separating or fracturing and can track over 80m with optical centering accuracy down to ± 2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement.



The API vProbe is a hand-held wireless probe for measuring intricate features outside of tracker line of site providing fast and accurate manual measurements.The vProbe with laser tracker can provide more versatility than a portable arm CMM and inherently more suitable for larger parts.



The API iScan laser line scanner offers fast, accurate and productive solution to generate component point-clouds with a tracker at 32,000 points/second. The iScan is light weight and provides effortless scanning functionality.


Active Target

Self-orientating motorized 360° rotation SMR locks onto laser tracker and automatically orientates to laser beam for automated tracking of machines


Smart Track Sensor

API's Smart Track Sensor provides dynamic accuracy using automatic 6DoF measurement to determine tracked point position in real-time revealing true position and orientation. This next generation sensor is essential for robotic calibration.