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API Measurement Services are active globally across all manufacturing industries with specific measurement and calibration solutions per sector. API calibration equipment and services assist in improving manufacturing processes through the calibration of machine tools and the accuracy enhancement of industrial robots, both at original equipment manufacturers, and end users. API contract inspection services offer on-site prototype, first article, production measurements and a portfolio of reverse engineering, laser scanning and modelling services. API laser tracker inspection, alignment and measurement services, along with tracker rental programs, are active in the construction of new manufacturing facilities whether associated with building construction, equipment installation or aiding pre-production product manufacturing.


API was born in the sector as the laser tracker inventor. Today API offers measuring expertise to perform complex alignments and measurements of tooling, assemblies and high value components.

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API offers a range of measurement services to the automotive sector including equipment alignment, robot calibration, tooling inspection, prototype, 1st article and production measurements.

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API offers gas, steam, hydro, nuclear and wind turbine inspection and alignments together with alignment consultation services for power generation companies globally.

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Heavy Machinery

API provides heavy equipment manufacturers laser tracker dimensional measurement services for large fabrications and assemblies together with large CNC machine tool calibration.

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Global Manufacturing

API’s comprehensive portfolio of machine tool diagnosis, alignment and calibration services ensure manufacturing equipment and their processes remain under control providing quality product.

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Military & Defense

API has considerable experience in managing confidential contracts offering a portfolio of measurement, alignment and calibration services to this sensitive and critical manufacturing sector.

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For the lower volume manufacturing sectors associated with rail and commercial shipbuilding API offers a portfolio of measurement, alignment and calibration services.

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Machine Tools

API offers a range of machine tool calibration products and services to machine tool OEMs including laser interferometer, ball-bar, spindle analyzer and swivel-check.

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API industrial robot accuracy verification and calibration software and services can be performed on-site to aid equipment run-off or to improve installed robot performance accuracy.

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