Measure Accurately On Your Manufacturing Floor

Measure Accurately on Your Manufacturing Floor with a Portable Laser Tracker

API has launched an extended range of its ultra-portable RADIAN™ laser trackers.

The updated series of RADIAN trackers offer the most compact, lightest, and highest accuracy laser trackers in the industry. Uniquely, API trackers can be supplied with hand-held tactile and laser scanning probes that extend their measuring capabilities, delivering the ultimate flexible part-inspection tool for use directly on the manufacturing floor.

Portable and Accurate CMM Measurements

API’s vProbe™ is a light-weight, tactile probe, that extends the laser tracker’s coordinate measuring capabilities, permitting measurement of intricate features and part characteristics. vProbe offers more versatility than a portable arm CMM and is suitable for large parts with styli lengths of up to 800mm.

High Speed Production 3D Scanning

The innovative iScan™ handheld laser-line scanner offers a fast, accurate, and more productive solution to generate component 3D point clouds for both reverse engineering and production part inspection. In addition to rapid digitizing rates with capability of scanning both reflective and dark surfaces, iScan features 360-degrees yaw and roll to achieve infinite sensor positioning. Simple one-button operation provides effortless scanning functionality and also offers tactile probing, providing even greater coordinate measuring flexibility.

Measured Data on Demand

RADIAN iVision™ autolock allows rapid recapture of a lost laser beam providing effortless usability for difficult-to-access and interrupted line of sight measurements. Integral battery offers 4 hours remote operation, extendable to 8 hours with an external power pack, with automatic recharge when the tracker is reconnected to a main power supply.

RADIAN – Offering an Additional Degree of Measuring Freedom

An API RADIAN measuring system can provide additional measuring freedom to your manufacturing operations. Request your in-plant demo and discover the real benefits on your manufactured parts.

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