Section 179 Blowout

Section 179 Blowout – Spend to Save

  • 17.9% off our entire Product Line
  • Radian Laser Trackers and Accessories
  • MTC Equipment

Get 17.9% off* any Section 179 purchase!

What’s available for discount?

  • Radian Laser Trackers and Accessories
  • MTC Equipment
  • API Arm

Radian Laser Trackers are the Smallest, Lightest, Most Accurate Laser Trackers on the market.

Tracker Accessories included! PLUS and PRO systems are compatible with the full line of: vProbe, iScan, Active Target or SmartTrack System (STS).

Interested in our line of Machine Tool Calibration equipment, led by the Industry-benchmark XD Laser Interferometer?

What is Recertified equipment? 

Gently used demo units, factory recertified, with a documented service history and standard warranty.

*Terms and Conditions

1) Offer only valid on list-price equipment. May not be combined with any additional offers or discounts.

2) Radian comes with standard 2-year warranty. Upgrade to 5 Year, Zero Cost of Ownership Warranty available.

3) Price and terms may vary by region.

Please choose the region you are in.