API was born in the sector as the laser tracker inventor. Today API offers measuring expertise to perform complex alignments and measurements of tooling, assemblies and high value components.

Metrology plays a vital role in the aerospace industry where precision and accuracy are non-negotiable. The production of aircraft components demands the highest standards of quality control to ensure safety and reliability.

Advanced metrology equipment provides the detailed and precise measurements required to meet the stringent requirements of this industry. With the need to measure intricate components and complex geometries, along with the requirement for detailed inspection and verification, the aerospace industry heavily relies on state-of-the-art metrology solutions.

API Metrology offers cutting-edge solutions to the aerospace industry with its robust portfolio of equipment and services. Our Radian Laser Trackers and Dynamic 9D LADAR system provide unparalleled accuracy and speed in measurements, allowing for precision manufacturing, inspection, and calibration and automation of these tasks. These tools enable aerospace manufacturers to ensure their components meet exact specifications, enhancing safety and reliability. API Metrology’s globally-local presence guarantees expert service and support, regardless of your location, helping the aerospace industry rise to new heights of quality and performance.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Assembly Guidance
  • Part Measurement
  • Profile Analysis
  • FAI
  • Gage R&R
  • Tooling/Fixture Measurement
  • Layout Guidance
  • Machine tool calibration
  • And More

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