At API, we specialize in reverse engineering for everyone from global manufacturers to small custom shops. Leveraging our extensive metrology expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer fast and efficient reverse engineering services. Our laser scanning services are perfect for generating detailed data from existing parts or for comparing real-world data to CAD models. We can help you transform physical parts into precise 3D digital point clouds and CAD models, streamlining your development process.

Our Services Include:

  • Scanning as-built parts to create detailed 3D digital representations.
  • Comprehensive reverse engineering to develop accurate CAD models.

Choose Your Location:

  • Our facility or yours—API ensures an efficient and precise reverse engineering process regardless of the location.
API reverse engineering service utilizes advanced equipment and software. Your facility or ours. API has perfected an efficient reverse engineering and modelling process.
“Review your reverse engineering project with the experts.”


Whether you need a CAD model of a prototype part or are designing within the constraints of an existing part, API’s laser scanning services deliver.

We use advanced non-contact scanners suitable for both large and intricate parts, ensuring the detail and accuracy your projects demand. Our services are flexible; we can scan your parts at our facility or come to you if the part is large or particularly sensitive.


Our technology excels in precision. We use the ‘as-generated’ point cloud data to perform direct comparisons with the nominal CAD model of your scanned part. Our technicians can generate a color-coded topographical 3D report that highlights any deviations, offering you insights that are both visual and quantitative.


API’s reverse engineering software allows our technicians to extract precise CAD entities such as curves, surfaces, and prismatic features from polygonal models of digitized parts. This service is ideal for a variety of applications including prototype parts, replicating legacy parts, product benchmarking, and maintaining historical documentation.


Whether for global manufacturers or small custom shops, API’s measurement expertise, combined with advanced metrology equipment, can execute convenient and fast reverse engineering projects.

Our Laser scanning services can create data from an existing part or compare captured data to a CAD model. Reverse engineering services include scan as-built parts to creation of a 3D digital point cloud and CAD Model.


API Measurement Services offer on-site prototype, 1st article and production measurements. Our suite of engineering services include reverse engineering and modelling, inspection and alignments, calibration services.
A2LA ISO 17025 certified.

API Measurement Services operates globally across various manufacturing industries, offering tailored measurement and calibration solutions.

Our calibration equipment and services help improve manufacturing processes by enhancing the precision of machine tools and industrial robots.

This not only applies to original equipment manufacturers but also to end users.

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