Military & Defense

API has considerable experience in managing confidential contracts offering a portfolio of measurement, alignment and calibration services to this sensitive and critical manufacturing sector.

Metrology is critical in the military and defense sector, where equipment must meet exacting standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

Precision measurement tools are necessary for creating and maintaining everything from aircraft to weaponry to ensure they function as designed under a wide range of conditions.

API Metrology supports the military and defense sector with precise, reliable metrology equipment. Our Radian Laser Trackers and Dynamic 9D LADAR provide the high-accuracy measurements necessary for creating and maintaining mission-critical equipment. With our globally-local presence, API Metrology is ready to provide expert metrology services whenever and wherever they’re needed, helping to keep crucial defense equipment operating at peak performance.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Ship Hull Measurement
  • Submarine Circularity
  • 3D Assembly Follow-Up
  • Machinery and Component Alignment
  • Gage R&R
  • Tooling/Fixture Measurement
  • Layout Guidance
  • And More

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