API offers a range of measurement services to the automotive sector including equipment alignment, robot calibration, tooling inspection, prototype, 1st article and production measurements.

In the automotive industry, metrology is fundamental to maintaining the high quality and precision necessary for both safety and performance.

Every part, from the engine to the exterior bodywork, needs to be measured and inspected to exacting standards. As the industry evolves, particularly with the rise of electric vehicles and automation, there’s a growing demand for advanced metrology solutions that can keep pace with these changes.

API Metrology serves the automotive industry with top-tier metrology equipment and services. Our Radian Laser Trackers and Dynamic 9D LADAR are designed to provide rapid, accurate data collection and inspection in real-time. They excel in tasks such as alignment, calibration, part measurement, and reverse engineering.

The automation and speed that API Metrology’s equipment provides help automotive manufacturers increase productivity and reduce costs. Furthermore, our global presence and expertise mean that you have access to local support and service whenever you need it.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Automotive Line Installation
  • Part Measurement
  • Gage R&R
  • “Body-in-white” measurement
  • Tooling and fixture installation
  • Die/Tooling/Fixture Measurement
  • Design Mock Ups Assembly/Validation
  • Final Inspection
  • Robot cell set-up and orientation
  • Clay Model Scanning/Digitization/Reversing (Last)
  • And More

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