API Dynamic 9D LADAR

What is Dynamic 9D LADAR?

The 9D LADAR is a revolutionary, non-contact measurement system that employs cutting-edge technology to capture high-speed, high-accuracy dimensional and surface geometry data.

Who is this for?

The 9D LADAR is designed for industries and professionals who require high-precision, non-contact measurements in real-time. It’s beneficial in quality control, inspection, and manufacturing processes that need to capture both dimensional and surface geometry data rapidly and accurately.


The Dynamic 9D LADAR is available in 3 ranges: LD-8, LD-15 and LD-25.

25 m


0.2 sec/cm²

Scanning Speed

50 lines/sec

High-Density Scanning

20 min

Quick Warmup

10.4 kg

in Weight

25 μm + 6

μm/m (2 sigma)
3D Accuracy

Key Industries

API’s 9D LADAR is pivotal in sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, and Energy, where precision is crucial for safety and efficiency. Its advanced measurement capabilities ensure accurate component assembly in Aerospace, critical quality control in Automotive manufacturing, and precise evaluation of large-scale machinery in Energy, particularly wind power. Additionally, LADAR is invaluable in Heavy Machinery, Manufacturing, Military & Defense, Transportation, Machine Tools, and Robotics for its exacting detail in production and maintenance. This versatility cements LADAR as a key tool in driving quality and innovation across these industries.

Ladar vs. Conventional Laser Radar​

DYNAMIC 9D LADAR provides micron-level resolution while eliminating issues associated with surface reflectivity, slow data acquisition speeds, limited accuracies, restrictive incident angles, and susceptibility to production environment noise.​

Laser Radar systems require large sample averaging to obtain reasonable accuracy, effectively slowing data rates. API’s OFCI technology uses fast laser chirping to generate a wide spectrum for optical interference. The interference signal detected yields 100x higher sensitivity than Laser Radar.

Core Technology
Data Rate
Scanning Speed
Raster Scanning
Volumetric Accuracy (2σ)
Volumetric Accuracy (2σ)
Beam Spot Size
Target Reflectivity
Incident Angle
System Controller
API 9D Ladar Systems
Optical Frequency Chirping Interferometry
20,000 pts/sec
0.2 sec/cm²
50 lines/sec – 0.1mm spacing
Linear: 20 µm + 2 µm/m (2σ)
3D: 25 µm + 6 µm/m (2σ)
32 µm or smaller
≤ 85-degree
Measurement of translucent objects
Conventional Laser Radar Systems
Frequency Modulated Coherent Laser
500 pts/sec - 1,000 pts/sec max
1 sec/cm2 Maximum
Linear: 20 µm + 5 µm/m
3D: 20 µm + 14.5 µm/m
≥ 45-degree
Inability to measure translucent objects

Dynamic 9D Ladar

The Fastest, Most Accurate Interferometry-Based Non-Contact Measurement System in The World

Designed for Durability

API’s compact and rigid UNIBODY tracker design allows for shaft mounted motors, encoders and laser. The UNIBODY shaft mounted laser innovation minimizes Abbe offset errors, while also housing laser source, optics, camera and major head electronics in the center of the tracker body.

Quick & Efficient Warm-up Time

The UNIBODY, and the centering of all heat sources, allows rapid distribution of heat throughout the body during warm-up or drastic ambient temperature variations’ ensuring the tracker body maintains constant heat equilibrium throughout its operation resulting in shorter warm-up time and superior measurement stability.

Breakthrough Technology

9D LADAR is a breakthrough technology, set to revolutionize automated production measurement. The patent-pending 9D LADAR is the fastest, most accurate interferometry-based non-contact measurement system incorporating Optical Frequency Chirping Interferometry (OFCI) technology.​

Laser Detection and Ranging

9D LADAR captures both dimensional and surface geometry data targeting all manufacturing industries including but not limited to; automotive, aerospace, ship building, energy, transportation, machine tool, robotics and construction.

9D Ladar Overview

Dynamic 9D LADAR is a breakthrough technology, representing the fastest, most accurate non-contact measurement system in the world. 9D LADAR’s rapid, accurate data collection in real-time is set to revolutionize automated in-line production measurements and obsolete exiting conventional Laser Radar systems that require large sample averaging to obtain reasonable accuracy, effectively slowing data acquisition rates.


  • Optical CMM– small to large volume, simple to set up, fast and accurate
  • CNC Machine In-situ inspection
  • In-line inspection and dimensional control for aircraft, automobile, wind energy or similar industries​
  • Flush and Gap
  • Part Measurement
  • Jigs, Fixture & Tooling Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Robotics
  • X,Y,Z – I,J,K and R,G,B Dimentions

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range
Linear Accuracy
3D Accuracy
Incidence Angle
Gimble Angular Range
Total Weight
Overall Dimentions
Maximum Data Rate
Transverse Resolution
iVision Camera
Laser Saftey Rating
Warm-up Time
LD-8 | LD-15 | LD-25
LD-8: 0.5m to 8m | LD-15: 1.0m to 15m | LD-25: 1.5m to 25m
20μm + 2μm/m (2 sigma)
25μm + 6μm/m (2 sigma)
≤ 85-degree
Azimuth: +/- 320° Front Side Elevation -50* to 80* Back Side Elevation 100* to 215*
10.4 KG
Fully Integrated
191mm x 254mm x 432mm
20,000 Points/Second
50mm (distance dependant)
8 MP Digital Zoom (15fps) | Feature Recognition | FoV - Horizontal 17° Vertical 13°
Measuring: Class 1 (Wavelength 1550nm) Pointing Class 1 (635nm) *IEC 60825-1 (eye safe)
20 Minutes (typical)

Support & Warranty

At API, we offer globally local support to meet your needs, wherever you are. We also provide a standard 2-year warranty, underlining our confidence in our products.

Should you desire even more security, we offer an upgrade to a 5-year zero cost of ownership warranty. This extended coverage ensures your peace of mind, making your investment in API not just a purchase, but a dependable partnership.