Machine Tools

API offers a range of machine tool calibration products and services to machine tool OEMs including laser interferometer, ball-bar, spindle analyzer and swivel-check.

Metrology is essential in the machine tool industry for the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of precision tools.

Precise measurements are crucial to ensure that tools function accurately and efficiently, improving the quality of the products they are used to manufacture.

API Metrology serves the machine tool industry with robust metrology solutions. Our Radian Laser Trackers and XD Laser offer precision measurements for tasks such as alignment, calibration, and part measurement. API Metrology’s tools help machine tool manufacturers and users ensure their equipment is made and maintained to the highest standards, improving their operational efficiency and the quality of their products.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Machine Tool Calibration/Volumetric Error Compensation
  • Part Measurement
  • In-Machine Part Alignment
  • Machine Geometry
  • Guide Leveling and Alignment
  • Servo Error and Path Deviation Diagnosis
  • Rotary, Swivel, and Vertical Axes Measurement
  • Spindle Verification
  • And More

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