Lightweight hand-held solutions for faster and more accurate measurement.


API’s break resistant Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are constructed with a one piece optic eliminating risks associated with glass panels shifting, separating or fracturing and can track over 80m with optical centering accuracy down to ± 2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement.


The API vProbe is a hand-held wireless probe for measuring intricate features outside of tracker line of site providing fast and accurate manual measurements.The vProbe with laser tracker can provide more versatility than a portable arm CMM and inherently more suitable for larger parts.

iScan 3D

The API iScan 3D laser line scanner offers fast, accurate and productive solution to generate component point-clouds with a tracker at 200,000 points/second. The iScan is light weight and provides effortless scanning functionality.