API offers gas, steam, hydro, nuclear and wind turbine inspection and alignments together with alignment consultation services for power generation companies globally.

The energy sector, encompassing fossil fuels; nuclear power; and renewables like solar, hydro, and wind power, relies heavily on metrology for the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of its infrastructure.

Precision and accuracy are paramount in this industry to ensure the safe, efficient operation of energy-producing machinery and systems. From the design phase to production and maintenance, sophisticated metrology tools are indispensable.

API Metrology caters to the energy sector with precision metrology solutions that enable accurate manufacturing and robust maintenance procedures. Our Radian Laser Trackers and 9D LADAR provide precise measurements for a wide range of applications, from complex geometries in wind turbine blade production to alignment and calibration in power plants. With API Metrology’s solutions, companies in the energy sector can enhance productivity, improve safety standards, and drive efficiency in their operations.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Layout Guidance
  • Mold Profile Measurement
  • Product Measurement
  • Mold Assembly and Adjustment
  • Device Leveling and Alignment
  • Striker Plate Alignment
  • Blade Measurement
  • Turbine Alignment and Leveling
  • Shaft Measurement
  • Jacket and Shell Measurement
  • Connection Geometry
  • Reverse Engineering
  • And More

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