Whatever you industry, product and production measurement requirement the API measurement services team are available to support your needs. ISO 17025 accredited, A2LA certified, API can supply manpower, equipment or both. The API team has experience across all manufacturing sectors and can support your short-term bottle-neck or longer term production measurement and calibration needs.
API reverse engineering service utilizes advanced equipment and software. Your facility or ours. API has perfected an efficient reverse engineering and modelling process.
“Review your reverse engineering project with the experts.”


If your business is the design and manufacture of special purpose equipment you can’t afford a critical part to be found dimensionally incorrect during final equipment assembly and test. API measurement services can attend site with its portable metrology equipment and provide dimensional validation and alignment of critical functional components. Lets API check it out!


Low volume, high value part production requires dimensional validation at every step in the manufacturing process. API measurement services can provide the necessary part validation, using our high technology, high value inspection equipment, providing fully detailed inspection reports. Whether manufactured in-house or by external vendors API can supply low volume production part validation.


Medium volume batch production manufacturing requires dimensional inspection to validate both part and process. API measurement services can support the part inspection and validation using our high technology, high value inspection equipment, providing comprehensive inspection reports. Whether manufactured in-house or by externally API can supply medium volume production part validation.


High volume manufacturing requires ongoing dimensional inspection to validate part, equipment and manufacturing processes. API measurement services can support part inspection and process validation using our high technology, high value inspection equipment, delivering comprehensive dimensional inspection reports. Periodic calibration of machine tools and robots by API will ensure that your high volume manufacturing processes remain in control.


API Measurement Services are active globally across all manufacturing industries with specific measurement and calibration solutions per sector. API calibration equipment and services assist in improving manufacturing processes through the calibration of machine tools and the accuracy enhancement of industrial robots, both at original equipment manufacturers, and end users. API contract inspection services offer on-site prototype, first article, production measurements and a portfolio of reverse engineering, laser scanning and modeling services. API laser tracker inspection, alignment and measurement services, along with tracker rental programs, are active in the construction of new manufacturing facilities whether associated with building construction, equipment installation or aiding pre-production product manufacturing.
  • • Aerospace
  • • Automotive
  • • Heavy Machinery
  • • Energy
  • • Military & Defense
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Transportation
  • • Machine Tools
  • • Industrial Robots

API Measurement Services offer on-site prototype, 1st article and production measurements. Our suite of engineering services include reverse engineering and modelling, inspection and alignments, calibration services.
A2LA ISO 17025 certified.