Employee Profile:Matt Ledger

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Name: Matt Ledger   Position: North Central NA Regional Manager   Years with the company: 3 months 1) What was your childhood like?  I grew up with 2 older brothers, which means I usually followed in their … Read More

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Schedule a virtual demo today with one of our experienced metrologists At the rapid pace of today’s manufacturing, it isn’t always feasible to wait a week or more for a salesman to make a trip … Read More

Accuracy, Durability, Value


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SMRs are the backbone of modern Laser Tracker measurements. And like backbones, they must not break easily. API’s Break-Resistant SMRs come in a full range of sizes at the best value in the industry. Click … Read More

API – Always here to support you.


API – Always here to support you.  We wanted to update you on our response to the COVID-19 health crisis as the situation continues to develop. We have been monitoring the situation and wanted to … Read More

3D Measurement Technology: Nuclear Fusion

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API laser trackers are used in nuclear research centers in the construction of nuclear fusion reactors for assembly and geometric control tasks. In addition, API laser measurement technology and measuring systems support the construction and … Read More

Employee Profile: Jens Pursche

API MarketingEmployee Profile

Name: Jens Pursche                       Position: Sales Manager Germany                     Years with the company: 2 1) What was your childhood like? I was born in 1971 and grew up with my parents and my brothers and sisters in … Read More