5 Tools of Metrology in Your Daily Life


For such a high-level field of study that is applied to the production and assembly of some of the most delicate and important manufacturing projects, Metrology is actually a very simple concept (although some might … Read More

Employee Profile: Adam Hicks

APIEmployee Profile

Name:  Adam Hicks  Position: Northeast Regional Manager/Contract Services Sales Manager  Years with the company:  6 years 1) What was your childhood like? Very wholesome childhood; swam on neighborhood swim team, soccer, t-ball/baseball, rode bikes around … Read More

Schedule a Virtual Demo Today


Schedule a virtual demo today with one of our experienced metrologists At the rapid pace of today’s manufacturing, it isn’t always feasible to wait a week or more for a salesman to make a trip … Read More

Employee Profile: Paul Nicholas

APIEmployee Profile

Name: Paul Nicholas Position: Vice President Services Sales/Program Management  Years with the company: 8 years  1) What was your childhood like?  I was raised by a loving mother and father. A traditional Blue-Collar family. My … Read More

3 Terms to Know When Determining Accuracy


The end goal of Metrology, as it is in Manufacturing and many other industries, is Accuracy. Measurement equipment cannot be depended on unless it is returning accurate numbers, and machined parts must be accurate to … Read More