“For more that 30 years API has pioneered laser-based equipment for measurement and calibration”


Our Vision

API’s Vision is to be recognized by science and Industry worldwide, as a leading source to supply state-of-the art precision dimensional metrology equipment, systems, software, and services.

Our Mission

To maintain a customer-centric business culture while supporting the growth of API’s employees and the local communities. Supporting an entrepreneurial spirit of engineering discovery strengthens API’s VISION while supporting customer requirements.
Conformance to developing integrated-metrology systems equates to delivering operational efficiency, enhanced quality, and safety in automated inspection systems.

Our Core Values

API is grounded in a set of core values that reflect our ethos and guide our operations:

• Customer-Centricity – We are devoted to providing efficient, comprehensive
metrology solutions tailored to each customer we work with. Our approach is about building lasting relationships with those we serve.

• Innovation and Excellence – We strive to lead the industry by setting standards in innovation and operational excellence, ensuring each product serves precise, efficient, and reliable purposes.

• Employees and Community – Offering fair benefits and wages, training and
advancement opportunities, and a challenging work environment for continuous learning supports the growth of API and community organizations where we participate.

• Globally Local – Being a Global company is about more than just selling equipment
everywhere. We have established teams and offices on 4 continents to ensure we
are there for our customers, wherever they are, with immediate and effective

• Commitment to Quality – From the smallest part to large-scale solutions, we
guarantee superior quality and attention to detail in everything we do.
• Integrity and Transparency – We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings and foster transparency throughout our customer interactions.

• Support and Education – We offer thorough support including extended warranties,
long-term maintenance, automatic calibration scheduling with loaner equipment, and on-demand live demos.

• Inclusive Support – API certifies and supports equipment brands even beyond our own, focusing on solving industry challenges comprehensively




Tracker Prototype
In 1983, API Founder and CEO Dr. Kam Lau invented the Laser Tracker while working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Shortly after, Dr. Lau founded API to be one of the first laser-based dimensional metrology equipment companies in the world.


In December 1989, API signed a contract to teach Leica/Hexagon AB how to make Laser Trackers based on API's initial prototype. Wild would go on to become Leica Geosystems and later become a part of Hexagon AB. The royalties from these initial tracker sales from ’89-’99 allowed API to begin to flourish. Using some of Dr. Lau’s other designs from his time at NIST, API created the XD Laser and Ballbar to lead the successful Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) and CMM product lines.


Dr Kam Lau with first Laser Tracker
In 1999, API developed the second-generation Laser Tracker, called the T2, which was smaller, faster, and lower cost than the design licensed to Leica. API offered the new design to them but were turned down. At which point, API began manufacturing and selling Dr. Lau’s tracker designs for the first time.

21st Century

The move sparked a decade of rapid development for the company. They moved into the current-day Rockville, MD facility after ten years at the warehouse in Cessna Ave. The company also began to expand overseas, first in Beijing in 2000, and then opening their first European office in 2005. Later, the company would expand to France, Brazil, and India as well.

21st Century (cont.)

Using Radian Tracker Series
From Rockville, API spearheaded the next generation of trackers with the T3, the OT2, and the current Radian Tracker series. They’ve advanced tracker target technology with probes like the vProbe and automated targets like the Smart Track Sensor (STS). And they’re leading the charge towards Dr. Lau’s original goal of using the tracker to measure and improve the performance of robots with the Checkbox, featuring Robot Measurement Software (RMS) and Smart Factory Inspections Systems (SFIS).


Dynamic 9D LADAR
In 2022, API was again at the forefront of the industry and technology, released Dynamic 9D LADAR a non-contact high volume scanning device with unparalleled speed and accuracy, which is set to revolutionize modern manufacturing processes for greater speed and automation.

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