Heavy Machinery

API provides heavy equipment manufacturers laser tracker dimensional measurement services for large fabrications and assemblies together with large CNC machine tool calibration.

Accurate measurements are crucial in the heavy machinery industry where large-scale equipment is produced and maintained.

These machines often perform tasks requiring high precision, so the importance of reliable and exact measurements cannot be overstated. Metrology ensures these machines are built and operate to specification, resulting in safer, more efficient operations.

API Metrology provides the heavy machinery industry with top-notch metrology equipment like the Radian Laser Tracker and Dynamic 9D LADAR. These tools deliver precise, reliable measurements for large-scale equipment, ensuring they meet stringent quality and safety standards. Whether you’re manufacturing construction equipment or maintaining mining machinery, API Metrology’s advanced solutions can support your precision measurement needs, enhancing productivity and operational safety.

API’s equipment (and our onsite Services team) can support:

  • Reclaim Machine Measurement
  • Clinker Conveyor Geometry
  • Extraction Machine Measurement
  • Machine Gearbox Measurement
  • Device Measurement
  • Machine Geometry
  • Part Measurement
  • Statistical Process Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • And More

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