Modular Construction

14 August 2023 · 3 min read

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API Modular Construction

API brings in measurement experts from a variety of industries, but one of the most common is the modular shipbuilding industry.

API's experience in shipbuilding using modular construction
API’s extensive experience in shipbuilding using modular construction was a key factor to applying their services to modular high-rise construction.

The experience from building warships utilizing modular construction can be found in Application Engineers at Headquarters, Service Engineers supporting the field, sales representatives, and even the Executive team. The knowledge gained from direct involvement in these projects has allowed API to apply expertise extending from the rural mountains of Virginia to The City That Never Sleeps in a single project.

The story of this case study began unexpectedly in early 2013 during an appointment outside of Lynchburg, VA. The meeting would have been all but fruitless if it weren’t for a last-minute comment made on the way out of the door. The potential customer mentioned that an acquaintance in the area might be interested in what API could offer. Rather than heading out of town as planned, an impromptu meeting was organized a few miles away that set the stage for a long-term relationship. This partnership would utilize API laser trackers and our experienced service group on the first modular high-rise construction in New York. This agreement created a great partnership as API’s experience with modular shipbuilding could be applied to the modular construction project.

Laser Trackers & Service Team

API Radian Laser Tracker
API Radian Laser Tracker

The customer was behind schedule many months and falling further behind each week. They were lost on how to regain ground while still providing their client with an accurate product. API assigned a Service Engineer equipped with a Radian laser tracker to assist with the layout and verification processes of the project.

The Knowledge of the API Service Team, paired with the portability of the Radian laser tracker, enabled the customer to learn how to execute the project themselves.

Shortly after, the customer purchased a Radian laser tracker and continued the work on their own. The training and technology allowed their team to expedite production to the point that their client in New York was no longer able to keep up with deliveries. Due to this success, the client in New York was eager to learn how the manufacturing team was able to catch up after months of missed production. API was the answer.

A meeting and demonstration was immediately scheduled with the client. Within a couple days, API dispatched a dedicated Service Engineer and Radian laser tracker to the customer’s facility. As the process continued to gain momentum, the API team was asked to provide assistance at the construction site where t

he modules were installed on to one another. During this time, API had designed and released their newest in portable laser tracker, The OmniTrac2 (OT2).

The development of this battery-operated and wireless tracker allowed API and the customer to work on-site without the restriction of being tethered to a computer or a power source. The technology also allowed them to cover measurement volumes up to 200 meters without relocating the OT2.

API modular construction
API laser trackers and their experienced service group were a valuable resource on the first modular high-rise construction in New York.

Continuing Support

Implementing the two models of API laser trackers (Radian and OT2) into the modular construction experience allowed API to assist two customers in coordination, outfitting, and assembly of each module amongst three locations all while fitting together within thousandths of an inch. Five years later, in 2018, API is still the trusted supplier for the product and service needs of these customers and their developing projects.

API OT2 Laser Tracker
API OT2 Laser Tracker
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