vProbe Trade in Promo

vProbe – Trade-in Towards Your Complete Measurement Freedom!

vProbe is the latest and greatest in probe measurement equipment. vProbe can measure parts of any volume on the production floor at CMM-level accuracies.

What is the new and improved vProbe?

  • Smaller and Lighter (weighing just .68kg)
  • Faster and more responsive (now operating at 100hz)
  • Horizontal and vertical RFID-stylus mounting locations 
  • Programmable Smart Buttons 
  • Complete 360-degree rotational capture 
  • 6-8 hours of measuring life per battery

Purchase a New vProbe today, and trade-in any existing probe to receive up to 40% off

The wireless vProbe has an 80m measuring distance from the tracker and customizable, RFID-chipped styli up to 500mm in length, giving up to a full meter measuring radius.

vProbe is ideal for Part Inspection, Cavity Probing, Quality Measurement, Jigs, Fixture & Tooling Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Surface Scanning, and Precise Measurement applications.

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