horizontal cmm

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Experience the proven and reliable accuracy of probe contact measurement across our series of Coordinate Measuring Machines, integrating tested and trustworthy technology with ease of operation.

Galaxy Horizontal CMMs

Galaxy series of single and duplex horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines offered as manual or CNC models. Automotive styling studio 5 axis clay model milling machines.


The Galaxy D CMM is a high-performance, direct computer-controlled temperature-compensated horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM) built to inspect the accuracy of large objects and scan the surfaces of large contoured parts.


The Galaxy H Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a manual-controlled horizontal arm measuring and layout machine built to perform common shop measurements and marking-out applications.


The Galaxy Q is a high-performance, direct computer controlled, multi-function coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Galaxy Q is built to inspect large objects and scan surfaces of large contoured parts as well as the milling of light materials.