At API, we have a Passion for Metrology

02 May 2023 · 2 min read

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Metrology Passion

For more than 30 years, we have pioneered groundbreaking technology, helping to push the frontiers of tomorrow’s manufacturing environments forward. It’s a mission that started in the basement of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with a revolutionary idea and developed into a technology that changed how manufacturing and Quality Assurance are performed the world over. And if we were only interested in the bottom line or making cool gadgets, we could have stopped there. But our passion is for making sure that every step in the manufacturing process is as accurate, fast, efficient, and safe as possible. That passion informs every corner of our company, driving us to ensure that no matter the budget or scale of a project, API has a solution for every manufacturer. 

This passion is why API has the smallest, lightest, fastest, most accurate dimensional metrology equipment in the world. We never stop working to improve on our equipment, to find the next groundbreaking technology, and to deliver what our customers need from our products in real-world application settings. It’s why we’ve expanded our product portfolio to include Machine Tool Calibration (MTC), fully-scalable articulating arms, automation solutions, and robotic calibration (RMS), so that every step in the manufacturing process receives the same attention to detail. 

It is what makes us the Real Metrologists, with unmatched experience and OEM product knowledge, and it is why we have dedicated ourselves to ensure Globally Local Service teams are standing by. The people who represent API in our services bring this passion directly to you. They are partners, who are ready to help solve any issue you are facing, armed with decades of technical experience and the full resources of API’s creative brain trust. 

And that passion is why API is a customer-centric company, dedicated to providing the most efficient and complete metrology solutions possible. Our customer support is unmatched, with extended warranties, long-term support and maintenance, automatic calibration scheduling with loaner equipment support, Live Demos on demand, and a complete Virtual Showroom of our products. We’re not here just to make sales, we’re here to build and keep relationships, regardless of who you’ve bought from in the past. That’s why we certify tracker brands that aren’t our own. We’re about the work, about solving whatever problem you’re facing at the source, so that your work can continue in the most efficient and safe way possible. 

Let our passion help support the work that you are passionate about. Fill out the form below contact us and speak to a Real Metrologist today. 

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Our Expert team of Real Metrologists are Globally-Local, available for measurements both at your site and in our A2LA accredited calibration labs. They can assist with everything from equipment purchases and rentals to customer support to contract service work.