Employee Profile: John Gross

12 July 2023 · 3 min read

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John Gross

Name: John Gross

Position: Service Manager – Lab, Equipment, & Rental

Years with the company: 8.5 yrs.

1) What was your childhood like?

I was born and raised in the Newport News area. I was lucky enough to have parents who were very present in my life, as well as one younger brother. I went to a private Christian school for most of my early years and then transitioned to public school in high school. I always had an interest in technology, some of that probably stems from the fact that I am a lifelong Star Wars fan, and loved designing and building things with LEGOs.

2) Who was a hero to you growing up? Why?

My buddy and church youth leader Travis Wash was a huge role-model and hero to me growing up. You could just tell that he absolutely loved people and would do whatever he could to help and support them. I like to think I bring at least a small part of that into my current role at API.

3) What are your hobbies?

I’m a huge fan of reading, esp. in the sci-fi/fantasy genres, and I am an avid gamer (when time allows).

4) How did you end up in metrology? Did you go to school for it?

I always liked math, physics, and problem solving and just felt like I wanted to pursue a career that was essentially an application of all those things. As a result, I decided to study mechanical engineering at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

5) How did you come to be at API?

I was family friends with Ron Hicks and my mom mentioned that he had some connections to the engineering sector, which was what I was going to school for at the time. I spoke with him, set up an interview, and started working at API Services as an intern in 2012. I have been with the company ever since.

6) What are your roles and responsibilities with API?

Our Newport News office consists of about 30 employees, spread across the country. Since we cover a wide area, I tend to wear a lot of hats. I am a Service Manager, so I support our lab facility, track and maintain our service and sales equipment, and help coordinate our customer rental orders. In a nutshell, I am responsible for supporting our service team, our sales team, and our calibration, repair, and rental customer base here in North America.

7) What sets API apart from other metrology companies in your mind?

I believe that API offers faster and more responsive calibration and repair service that our competition and that we do a great job of putting our customer first. Whenever we approach a difficult or potentially costly repair-related issue, we do our best to be transparent with our customer and to provide them with the best, most customer-centric options that we can.

8) What API Product or Service are you most excited to tell people about?

I think one of the most exciting offerings that API has available right now is our 5-year, Zero Cost of Ownership Warranty offering. It’s great when your company believes in its product so much that they will sell a comprehensive multi-year warranty.

9) What about API’s future excites you?

I believe that API has huge potential and the right people to grow to be an even more powerful presence in the metrology industry.

10) What does “Nothing Beyond Measure” mean to you?

I think Nothing Beyond Measure highlights API’s desire to ultimately be a turnkey solution for our customers. We have the right tools, the right people, and the right solution to fully support them.

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