Name: Maik Schuster                Position: Sales Support Engineer               Years with the company: 1/2 year

1) What was your childhood like?

I was born in 1989 in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). I grew up in a small village with many activities like football, music and carnival.

2) Who was a hero to you growing up? Why?

In my youth, I was a goalie in soccer, so Oliver Kahn was my idol as German national goalkeeper. The strong performances, parades, and successful football inspired me.

3) What are your hobbies?

I enjoy making music; I play trumpet and piano, and, to balance out work, I like a little exercise, like jogging.

4) How did you end up in metrology? Did you go to school for it?

After graduating from school, I learned the profession of surveying as a technician at the municipal surveying office in Magdeburg. It was a classical training which I could deepen afterwards through formal study. There I got the opportunity to get deep insights into the field of industrial surveying.

5) How did you come to be at API?

My family planning prompted me to restructure my working day. A former colleague, with whom I worked for 5 years, gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to API.

6) What are your roles and responsibilities with API?

As a Sales Support Engineer, I look after the regular customers in Northern Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. I also travel to new customers, for whom I demonstrate API’s products, lead software and hardware training, and assist in lead generation.

7) What sets API apart from other metrology companies in your mind?

The short distances between the customer and API allow for direct mediation of products that the customer really needs. I like the accessibility of API’s products, because they make measuring much easier.

8) What API Product or Service are you most excited to tell people about?

I prefer to show customers Radian Plus. It embodies our compact, flexible, and simple designs. I call it an all-rounder. The integrated battery allows quick repositioning, using vProbe makes it easier to measure hard to reach points, and it all fits into a transport box. All in all, the system offers high accuracy.

 9) What about API’s future excites you?

The development of new products. API is always leading industry innovation.

10) What does “Nothing Beyond Measure” mean to you?

In sales, the focus is on bringing the hardware to the market. For me, it means working with the customer to develop the best measurement strategy and to find the best package of hardware and software to solve his measurement tasks and ideally to develop new ones.

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