Machine Tool Calibration – Calibrate the Whole Shop

Unlock your full machining potential by calibrating all your machine tools! Significant discounts offered for each additional tool!
API offers both a standard Machine Tool Calibration and full Volumetric Error Compensation (VEC) to improve performance and guarantee quality.
What’s in VEC? API’s VEC uses a precision 6DoF Laser Tracker with interferometry. The tracker follows the machine’s tool-tip location throughout the entire machine volume measuring all 21 error parameters for 200–400 locations during extensive axial movements. Each point reflects kinematic errors, and software builds an accurate volumetric map providing compensatory values as an adjustment.
API Service’s Engineers have years of real-world experience at manufacturing sites from every industry around the world. This experience extends to every major machine tool controller and API’s XD Laser, the only machine calibration laser that can capture all 21 errors for a multi-axis machine tool in a single setup.

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1) Offer only valid on list-price services. May not be combined with any additional offers or discounts.
2) Price and terms may vary by region.

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