API service technicians are experts in machine tool laser alignment using API’s unique XD laser interferometer system. We also provide volumetric compensations ensuring the best achievable accuracy throughout a machines entire work-space. Our personnel are not only proficient in laser alignment and calibration, but also experts with machine controllers. API provides solutions to partners including Siemens, Fanuc and Fagor.
API reverse engineering service utilizes advanced equipment and software. Your facility or ours. API has perfected an efficient reverse engineering and modelling process.
“Review your reverse engineering project with the experts.”


API machine-tool laser alignment services will maintain your machine tools in effective condition by ensuring the proper alignment. API Services offer an economical and efficient laser alignment solutions for all machine tool types and configurations. Whether your machinery is special purpose designed, standard CNC machinery or process equipment API can align back to its original specifications. Our rapid response team is available for fast deployment in the event of a ‘crash’ that has impacted your machinery geometry.

Machine tools depends upon precision alignment to produce accurate parts, reduce tool wear, extend machinery life and ultimately to increase your profitability. Lets API deliver your optimum machinery performance.


API’s volumetric calibration of large machine tools uses a precision 6DoF Laser Tracker with interferometry, featuring the same capabilities of a traditional laser interferometer. The laser tracker offers the enhanced ability to track the machine’s tool-tip location throughout the entire machine volume measuring all 21 error parameters for 200–400 locations during extensive axial movements. Each generated point is an accurate reflection of the machine’s kinematic errors; a software algorithm extracts error sources and builds an accurate volumetric map providing compensatory values as an adjustment to offset for the inherent machine geometry errors.


API Services provide inspection and alignment services for all types of machine structures and rails including crane rails, machinery rails, robot rails, special purpose machinery and also can perform critical assembly and manufacturing equipment alignments. API’s portable laser alignment services provides customers with a precision approach ensuring manufacturing and process equipment is running at its optimum performance. API can position and alignment all types of industrial plant, machinery and equipment structures.


API Measurement Services are active globally across all manufacturing industries with specific measurement and calibration solutions per sector. API calibration equipment and services assist in improving manufacturing processes through the calibration of machine tools and the accuracy enhancement of industrial robots, both at original equipment manufacturers, and end users. API contract inspection services offer on-site prototype, first article, production measurements and a portfolio of reverse engineering, laser scanning and modeling services. API laser tracker inspection, alignment and measurement services, along with tracker rental programs, are active in the construction of new manufacturing facilities whether associated with building construction, equipment installation or aiding pre-production product manufacturing.
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  • • Industrial Robots

API Measurement Services offer on-site prototype, 1st article and production measurements. Our suite of engineering services include reverse engineering and modelling, inspection and alignments, calibration services.
A2LA ISO 17025 certified.