Name: Phat Huynh            Position: Senior Applications Engineer             Years with the company: 14

  1. What was your childhood like?

My childhood was very intense. I’d say it was lost and full of overwhelming emotion.

2. Who was a hero to you growing up? Why?

Tarzan was a hero to me growing up because he could talk to Gorillas!

3. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are anything outdoors. I love cycling, snowboarding, backpacking, swimming, just breathing and being in nature.

4. How did you end up in metrology? Did you go to school for it?

I ended up in Metrology when Dr. Lau gave me the opportunity. I didn’t go to school for it; it’s all been learning on-the-job and knowledge acquired from teamwork.

5. How did you come to be at API?

My father referred me for a job at API. They took a chance on me, and I’ve been learning and working hard ever since.

6. What are your roles and responsibilities with API?

I work in support for our Product Management team. I perform Quality Assurance tests on outgoing and incoming products, provide technical customer support both in the US and internationally, support R&D testing of new equipment, give onsite technical support and training, and support equipment repairs and calibrations internally.

7. What sets API apart from other metrology companies in your mind?

The people I work with. API’s people are second to none.

8. What API Product or Service are you most excited to tell people about?

There are so many. Radian Laser Tracker and RapidScan for sure, and there are a couple for the future that we can’t quite talk about yet!

9. What about API’s future excites you?

As industries and companies grow, many old and new developments in there processes will use API products in their growth.

10. What does “Nothing Beyond Measure” mean to you?

Measurement is the fundamental building block of the material and physical existence as we can perceive.

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