Radian: Free Accuracy Starter Pack

Radian: Free Accuracy Starter Pack

Buy a new Radian, choose between a FREE Accuracy Starter Pack or complimentary upgrade to full, 5-year, Zero Cost of Ownership Warranty!

What’s in the Accuracy Starter Pack? Over $9K Value!

(1)          Standard API Instrument Stand
(1)          Brunson Thread Adapter
(1)          Advanced Starter Pack (English or Metric)
(20)        Relocation Nests
(1)          1.5” Break-Resistant, Hollow-Core SMR (Standard)
(1)          0.5” Break-Resistant, Hollow-Core SMR (Standard)

What’s in a 5-year warranty? A comprehensive service contract, with annual tracker calibration to ISO 17025!

PLUS and PRO systems are compatible with the full line of accessories: vProbe, iScan, Active Target or SmartTrack System (STS)

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