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14 August 2023 · 3 min read

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API’s Radian PLUS Tracker Improved Processes at Mahindra After Years of Quality Work from the T3

From 2010-2018, Mahindra used API’s T3 Laser Tracker in their automotive assemblies in India to great success. But as their tolerances, production times, and budgets grew tighter, their needs began to outstrip the capabilities of their existing tracker. API was able to offer a trade-in of the old equipment for a discount on a new Radian PLUS Tracker. Radian PLUS has solved Mahindra’s issues with:

  • Faster Warm-up Times
  • Auto-Lock Beam Recapture
  • vProbe Connectivity

Founded as a steel trading company in 1945, Mahindra & Mahindra became a manufacturing company of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and agricultural tractors in 1948. In recent years, the company has taken interest in new industries and foreign markets. Currently, SUVs such as XUV 500, TUV 300 and KUV 100 also Mahindra’s Maximo, Pick-Up are manufactured at their facility in Chakan MIDC, Pune. Since the stability of SUVs matters a lot, the jigs and fixtures required in the assembly must be calibrated from time-to-time.

In 2010, Mahindra’s Head of Quality discovered API’s Trackers and implemented the best available, the T3 tracker. With the help of T3 tracker, they were able to do precise jigs and fixtures and also improved their quality checking with accurate measurements of automobile parts.

Since 2010, Quality Engineers at Mahindra had been using the T3 Tracker and Polyworks Software. They were very experienced in handling a laser tracker and had a good knowledge of the software. However, they were unaware that since 2010, laser trackers had undergone a revolutionary change. API had discovered automation-based techniques which were included in its Radian Laser Tracker Series.

API takes care of its customers by taking regular feedback on their Trackers in the field. In 2018, API learned of a few problems Quality Engineers at Mahindra were facing. API’s technical team visited the site with a new Radian PLUS Tracker to demonstrate how it could replace their T3 system. The goal of the demonstration was to showcase new technologies as well as to find solutions for the issues that had developed in the previous system.

API’s team displayed PLUS’ advanced technologies, such as Wireless-Connectivity and Auto-Lock functionality to the site engineers who were excited at the prospect of using such advanced technology in their workshop.

With further discussion, API began to better understand Mahindra’s current problems, which were due to working the equipment for long stretches of time using old technology. The Quality Engineers operating the tracker faced several issues such as: losing the beam, downtime due to increased warm-up time of the tracker, and software disconnecting due to the old version being used.

Some of these problems were occurring because the software had not been updated and the tracker needed calibration. Since the tracker did not have auto lock capability, however, every time the beam was broken it was a time-consuming task to catch the beam and resume work again. Also, because of frequent beam breakage, the tracker lost accuracy of some measurements.

The solution offered by API was to upgrade the tracker to Radian PLUS. Since the warm up time of this tracker is just 3-4 minutes, it maximizes working time, since the old tracker took up to 20 minutes to warm up. Also, the camera integrity of PLUS enables the tracker to catch the beam after breaking. But for Mahindra, PLUS’ most impressive feature was the ability to connect to accessories, such as vProbe, to measure hidden points up to 600mm using portable extension probes. Furthermore, the whole kit of PLUS and vProbe weighs only 33 lbs, which can be easily carried around. The demo helped engineers at Mahindra learn they could reduce their inspection times while increasing their productivity and accuracy.

But with their current year’s financial planning, it wasn’t possible for them to purchase a new tracker. Fortunately, API had other options that were of use to them.

API provides buy-back options on old equipment. This option enables customers to trade-in their old trackers towards the purchase of a new one. Currently, API is accepting trade-ins of all trackers (API and third-party) in exchange for a full five-year zero cost of ownership warranty. To learn more about this offer, click here. To receive support on your existing tracker, click here.

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