5 Axis Machine Tool Volumetric Error Compensation

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API’s approach to the volumetric calibration of large 5 axis machine tools comprises a 6 DoF RADIAN Laser Tracker with interferometry capability and its Active Target motorized SMR. The interferometer feature of the API laser … Read More

What Is 6 Degrees of Freedom?

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What is 6 Degrees of Freedom, or 6 DoF for short? 6 DoF refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space. But anyone can Google 6 DoF and get that … Read More

Control RS

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Following the request of our client we carried out a control of all the diameters and staves in order to analyze the geometry of a spherical tap. This made it possible to validate the conformity … Read More

API Tracker In Action On A Turbine

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Measurement of PELTON diameters without injectors directly on flange with wedges mounted in only 1 position. In this position our tracker to measure the plane very close to the coupling plate but also the casing … Read More

API Launches Portable Measuring Arm

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Over the past decade, the role of the Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) has dramatically increased, performing versatile measurement of production parts on the manufacturing floor. In addition, the seamless integration of laser scanning … Read More