Employee Profile: Chris Baker

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Name: Chris Baker         Position: Director of Business Development & Product Management Years with the company: 7 Years 1) What was your childhood like? Extremely blessed. Dad was coaching my baseball team, and I could look … Read More

Tracking the Automotive Industry Real-Time

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Tracking the Automotive Industry Real-Time The Automotive industry is the second-largest market for Laser Trackers after the Aerospace industry. The Laser Tracker has become a critical measuring technology utilized both during the introduction of new … Read More

5 Axis Machine Tool Volumetric Error Compensation

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API’s approach to the volumetric calibration of large 5 axis machine tools comprises a 6 DoF RADIAN Laser Tracker with interferometry capability and its Active Target motorized SMR. The interferometer feature of the API laser … Read More

What Is 6 Degrees of Freedom?

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What is 6 Degrees of Freedom, or 6 DoF for short? 6 DoF refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space. But anyone can Google 6 DoF and get that … Read More

Control RS

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Following the request of our client we carried out a control of all the diameters and staves in order to analyze the geometry of a spherical tap. This made it possible to validate the conformity … Read More