API Launches Scanning Laser Tracker

31 May 2023 · < 1 min read

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API Launches Scanning Laser Tracker

API Metrology announces the introduction of its RADIAN-Scan scanning laser tracker. The RADIAN-Scan is aimed at the 3D scanning and reverse engineering markets, offering a productive alternative to portable arms and hand-held, target-based photogrammetry scanning solutions.

Integral to the RADIAN-Scan is API’s benchmark RADIAN PRO laser tracker, paired with the API iScan* hand-held laser-line scanner, offering a fast, accurate and ultra-productive solution to the generation of point clouds. Digitizing rates of up to 32,000 points/second are generated with the iScan sensor, capable of seamlessly scanning both reflective and dark surfaces.

iScan features a 360o yaw and roll to achieve infinite sensor-tracked positioning. Simple one button operation initiates effortless scanning functionality. iScan* also offers a tactile probing interface, providing even greater measuring flexibility when scanning or measuring internal component features. iScan can perform part measurements as effectively as a traditional tactile coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with greater mobility and flexibilty. iScan probe features an internal battery, providing 6 hours of continuous use, easy grip handle, and tactile probing socket.

The RADIAN PRO laser tracker incorporates the compact and rigid UNIBODY tracker design which uses shaft-mounted motors, encoders and laser. The shaft-mounted laser minimizes ABBE offset errors and houses the laser source, optics, camera and major head electronics in the center of the tracker body, centering all heat sources and allowing rapid distribution of heat throughout the body during warm-up or drastic ambient temperature variations.

The UNIBODY design maintains thermal equilibrium through its operation due to a unique “Air-Over-Cooling” system, resulting in shorter warm-up times and superior measurement stability.

The RADIAN-Scan scanning laser tracker interfaces with any of the popular metrology point cloud software’s including Verisurf, Polyworks, and SpatialAnalyzer.

*Not available in Germany.


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