API Launches Portable Measuring Arm

20 September 2023 · 2 min read

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API Launches Portable Measuring Arm

Over the past decade, the role of the Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) has dramatically increased, performing versatile measurement of production parts on the manufacturing floor. In addition, the seamless integration of laser scanning sensors to the PCMM has provided an invaluable point cloud creation tool for both reverse engineering and inspection tasks.

API has added a 6 axis PCMM to its metrology products portfolio for high accuracy tactile probing measurement applications and a 7 axis PCMM for effortless laser scanning tasks in a range of arm measuring volumes from 2 m to 4.5 m. The API Arm’s features include automatic detection of tactile probe diameter, internal counter-balance to improve operator comfort, and an ergonomic handgrip with ‘push-pull’ trigger for point measurements.

The 7 axis API Arm includes a blue laser scanner, providing a high-performance solution for fast, accurate, and flexible scanning of even the most challenging parts. With scanning speeds of 600,000 points/second, laser line widths of up to 200mm, and scanning accuracy of 9 µm, the API Scanning Arm is suitable for reverse engineering, prototype inspection, and production measurements of complex part geometries.

All API Arms are supplied with an integral battery offering 8 hours of remote operation, have inbuilt thermal compensation, and are manufactured using carbon fiber arm links.

For very large volume measurement applications, the API Arm can be integrated with the API RADIAN laser tracker providing the opportunity to measure up to 80m. The long range and precision of the RADIAN adds versatility, flexibility, and accuracy to the combination portable measuring solution. The tripod-based arm is moved around large parts to measure in several measurement stages, the laser tracker follows its movements through SMRs secured to the arm, and each stored position is associated to the previous for a single seamless coordinate system.

For more information of the API Arm and Radian, visit apimetrology.com.

To contract the API Arm and Radian for a project with one of our Service Engineers, visit services.apimetrology.com

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