3 Reasons to Calibrate Your CMM Today


3 Reasons to Calibrate Your CMM Today

3 Reasons to Calibrate Your CMM Today In the last 50 years, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)s have become a fixture in machine tool shops and manufacturing plants around the world. Even with the advent of … Read More

7 Tools of Metrology Throughout History


7 Tools of Metrology Throughout History Metrology became an organized, scientific discipline in the 18th Century, revolving around clearly defined, standardized structures of units and ways to measure in the search of the most accurate … Read More

5 Tools of Metrology in Your Daily Life


For such a high-level field of study that is applied to the production and assembly of some of the most delicate and important manufacturing projects, Metrology is actually a very simple concept (although some might … Read More

Micron Explained

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What is a Micron? Microns are used by manufacturers, OEMs, and MSPs to discuss tolerances and capabilities. But how long have we been using the term, and how small are they actually?  The term micron … Read More

How Do SMRs Work?

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So much emphasis has been placed on tracker accuracies, and the capabilities of the probes and scanners that pair with them. There is an often-overlooked component of tracker operation and measurement: Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMRs).