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Laser Tracker

What is a Laser Tracker?

As a result of using laser interferometry, Laser Trackers are precision measurement tools that can measure long distances in 3D accurately.

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Who is this for?

A Laser Tracker is essential in industries like aerospace, automotive, or manufacturing where extreme precision is needed for quality control, part inspection, alignment tasks, and more.
Laser Tracker Series

Laser Tracker Features

80 m





Integrated Controller

8 hour

Battery Life

9 kg

in Weight

0.7 μm

Accuracy / Meter

Key Industries

For key industries, API Metrology’s Radian Laser Tracker has proven instrumental, providing unparalleled precision and ease of use for comprehensive measurement solutions.

In particular, the Radian series is trusted for its exceptional accuracy, portability, and adaptability in sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Heavy Machinery, Manufacturing, Military & Defense, Transportation, Machine Tools, and Robotics. No matter whether it’s aligning parts in automotive assembly, calibrating machinery in energy production, or aiding robotics in precision tasks, our Radian Laser Tracker is at the heart of optimizing manufacturing processes.

Moreover, recognizing the unique requirements of each industry, we ensure our Radian line of Trackers can address your specific measurement needs effectively and efficiently, driving quality, and productivity forward.

Laser Tracker Accessories

Laser Tracker Probe


Hand-held, light-weight, wireless tactile probe with easy-hold grip stylus allows for inspection of intricate features & cavities for large, complex parts.

Laser Tracker Scanner

iScan 3D

The iScan is capable of scanning highly reflective and high contrast surface areas. The versatility of iScan3D makes large-scale scanning quick and simple.

Laser Tracker Accessory

Smart Track

Smart TRACK Sensor (STS) paired with a Radian Laser Tracker will reduce inaccuracies and provide performance data during Robotic Calibration. 

Laser Tracker Accessory

Active Target

Active Target™ paired with a Radian Laser Tracker allows for automated tracking and inspection of machine tools, CNC machines, and industrial robots.

Laser Tracker Features and Benefits

Portable & Flexible

Weighing less the 11Kg RADIAN CORE & PLUS fit into one small carry-case.

Wireless Operation

Onboard wireless reduces set-up time and provides easy operation.

Autolock Function

Automatically re-establishes beam interruptions in a 30° field of view.

Battery Operation

Integral tracker battery provides 4 hours of operation for remote applications extendable to 8 hours with the external power pack.

Virtual Level

High-accuracy internal level establishes gravity coordinate frame in one click.

Single Integrated Unit

Integrated controller and cableless operation allow measurement in confined spaces without hazard and enables faster station moves.

Environmental Compensation

Onboard weather station ensures tracker accuracy by compensating for temperature, pressure and humidity.

Dust and Water Protection

IEC 60529 certified ingress protection against dust and other contaminants enabling tracker operation in harsh environments.

Extended Tracker Functionality

Range of manual and automatic probes provide extended tracker tactile measurement, laser scanning and 6DOF capabilities

Extended Warranty and Support

Standard 2 year warranty with global support team.

Laser Tracker Applications

Offering a highly flexible, portable coordinate measuring solution, the RADIAN Laser Tracker range and measurement accessories have application across all industries.

Due to having customers globally in all sectors, API has accumulated a wealth of application experience in aerospace, automotive, energy, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, military & defense, machine tools, automation and tooling industries.

Furthermore, RADIAN excels at all measurement tasks from dynamic 3D reflector measurement, hidden-point probing, high-definition surface scanning and feature extraction to automation and machine control.

Applications include:

  • Alignment
  • Calibration
  • Part Measurement
  • Jigs, Fixture & Tooling Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Adaptive Control

Technical Specifications

Laser Technology - ADM/IFM
Maximun Distance Range (Diameter)
Wireless Operation
SMR Measurement
Hand-Held Probing (vProbe)
Hand Held Laser Scanning (iScan)
Live Camera View
Integrated Controller
Battery Operation
6DOF Active Target
6DOF Smart Track
Radian Core
50m | 80m*
10 Hours
Radian Plus
ADM -3D/6D
50m | 80m*
10 hours
Radian Pro
20m* | 50m | 80m*

Support & Warranty

To meet your needs, wherever you are, we offer globally local support at API. Additionally, we provide a standard 2-year warranty, underlining our confidence in our products.

In case you desire even more security, we offer an upgrade to a 5-year zero cost of ownership warranty. This way, you can have peace of mind, making your investment in API not just a purchase, but a dependable partnership.

Laser Tracker 2 year warranty
laser tracker 5 year warranty