Employee Profile: Paul Nicholas

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Name: Paul Nicholas Position: Vice President Services Sales/Program Management  Years with the company: 8 years  1) What was your childhood like?  I was raised by a loving mother and father. A traditional Blue-Collar family. My … Read More

Employee Profile:Matt Ledger

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Name: Matt Ledger   Position: North Central NA Regional Manager   Years with the company: 3 months 1) What was your childhood like?  I grew up with 2 older brothers, which means I usually followed in their … Read More

Employee Profile: Jens Pursche

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Name: Jens Pursche                       Position: Sales Manager Germany                     Years with the company: 2 1) What was your childhood like? I was born in 1971 and grew up with my parents and my brothers and sisters in … Read More

Employee Profile: Igor Santos

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Name: Igor Santos Position: Metrology Technician Years with the company: 6 1) What was your childhood like? It was very calm once we moved from São Paulo’s big city to their country side when I … Read More

Employee Profile: Chris Baker

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Name: Chris Baker         Position: Director of Business Development & Product Management Years with the company: 7 Years 1) What was your childhood like? Extremely blessed. Dad was coaching my baseball team, and I could look … Read More

Employee Profile: Joe Bioty

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It’s pre-dawn in upstate New York. A 10-year-old boy rolls out of bed to begin his day. But he’s not getting ready for school, not yet. Instead, he’s walking over to the farm next door. … Read More

Employee Profile: Vaibhav Shah

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Name:   Vaibhav Shah           Position: Managing Director for API India            Years with the company: 3.5 What was your childhood like? I was born in an average middle-class family and understood the value of things very early … Read More

Employee Profile: Natalia Pirro

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Name:   Natália Pirro     Position: General Manager, South America     Years with the company: 7 years What was your childhood like? I have so many memories of me and my cousins playing at Grandma’s house. There were … Read More

Employee Profile: Ron Hicks

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Name: Ron Hicks Position: Vice President, Sales and Service Years with the company: 11 1) What was your childhood like? I lived in the country, so my friends and I traveled all over on our … Read More